1965 CZ 175cc Type 971 Enduro Side Pipe 5 Gears

1965 CZ 175cc Type 971 Enduro Side Pipe 5 Gears


A bike from a test series of 7 bikes from the CZ factory. Bought by driver Rolf Tibblin, who was driving for CZ and got this bike instead of salary. Has a Jikov original 28mm carburetor. Original mudguards, new original Barum tires. New original steel rims with a black stripe in the middle and a 4 mm gold stripe on each side.

This bike was driven by Stig on Six Days in Polen and Germany. Stig says about the bike: “A fantastic bike to ride. It is soft going but fast. I won a special stretch with it, an uphill test. A fun bike to ride!”. It is truly an unique bike.

It is “ready for race” and approved according to Swedish regulations.

Technical specifications

Engine: in new condition. Piston forged factory special. Stroke 57.5 mm. Piston 62 mm. Modified starter level and control  lever

Gearbox: 5 gear

Fuel tank: CZ original steel. 8 L

Carburator: Jikov 28 mm

Airfilter: Paper

Front fork: 180 mm front wheel travel. Plug for change of oil. Extra scrape rings. Fork boots to protect carrier tube

Front wheel: Rim steel VM-1. Tyre Barum 2.75 x 21 type S 19. Inner tube extra strong. Hub Magnesium 180 mm brake

Rear wheel:  Rim alloy VM-2. Tyre Barum 4.00 x 18 type S 19. Inner tube extra strong. Hub Magnesium 180 mm brake. Wheel have rubber pull levelling. Chain on place when wheel dismounting.

Front mudguard: CZ original steel

Rear mudguard: CZ original fiberglass

Handlebar: CZ original. Height 114 cm

Rear spring: CZ original. Shock absorber Trial special. 80 mm travel

Saddle: Harder rubber. Height 87 cm

Twistgrip:  CZ original

Chain: CZ original. Favorit special 5/8 x ¼

Frame: Chromolyden steel tube. Modified brake level and brake level. Grease nipple rocker bolt. Central stand

Weight:  99 kg

Extra: Sprocket 13 t, 14 t, 15 t original. Tool kit.

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